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What we do, and how we do it

You may have read it on our Services section, but just in case:

Acerca de Firmaway

Here at Firmaway, we help people and companies who want to sell worldwide, and are looking to grow their business without worrying about paperwork, deadlines and taxes.

That should tell you the what. Now, a big part of what makes us unique is the how.

At Firmaway, we’re permanently committed -ever since the first message, until the after-sale- to make you feel that there’s a group of people on the other side who are always open to listen and help out, whose main interest is that your business does great.

And we don’t take the “people” part lightly. You’ll never get from us any sort of automated reply or no-reply emails. We don’t use robots to lower our costs.

We totally get how challenging and complex starting an international business is, and we believe that the least we can do is offering a personalized reply, particularly thought-about for every unique situation.

We pursue simpleness at everything we do -from our website interface to our blog posts, or our chats with customers-. We believe that starting an international business should stop being the sort of thing that you can only do at big-glass-building-lawfirms, who charge for publically available information. We want to empower the freelancer, the trader, the entrepreneur, and everyone who wants to create value on a global scale.

Our goal

In the end, all out goals can be summarized in one: make your life easier.

So you can worry about your work, trusting that there will not be any surprises or unexpected events. And, if anything, there’s always a team on the other side ready to start working on a solution.

That’s why we’re constantly looking to broaden our services hub, and adding new ways to make your life easier. We want you to have access to everything you’ll need in just one place.

We are convinced that our most valuable asset is your trust, and we work every day to -one in two- earn it or keep it.

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